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We are actively engaged in promoting energy awareness within the University and on local, regional and national levels.


Talk by Dr Paolo Bombelli about Biophotovoltaics research and the evolution of the Moss Table as part of the Bioenergy Seminar Series

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Cambridge Algae Symposium

Cambridge Algae Symposium - 2 Sept 2013

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Microalgae Growth Facility

Microalgae Growth Facility opens at the Botanic Gardens

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Bioenergy-Cavendish Workshop

Bioenergy Initiative - Optoelectronics Group - Cavendish Laboratory Workshop - 21 June 2013

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BBSRC Bioenergy Dialogue

Bioenergy Toolkit Workshop - Cambridge 8 June

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Bioenergy News Around the World


UK Bioenergy Strategy

The UK Bioenergy Strategy, published jointly by DECC, Defra and DfT, sets a framework of principles to guide UK bioenergy policy, bringing biology and engineering together to address the challenge of meeting our future energy needs

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About Us

Research in Cambridge is tackling the highly complex issue of bioenergy with a holistic approach. We are bringing together a wide spectrum of experts, including biologists (plant scientists, biochemists and conservation scientists), engineers, chemical engineers and economists. Our aim is to develop forms of bioenergy that are sustainable, ethically and socially responsible and do not compete with food crops.