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The Algal Biotechnology Consortium takes a multidisciplinary approach to algae research including synthetic biology, life-cycle assessment, microfabrication and nanotechnology, scale-up and public engagement.

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P2P Hub Biophotovoltaics

Biophotovoltaics research integrating two types of solar technologies

Plant 2 Power

Panning for Green Gold: EnAlgae documentary

EnAlgae journey over the past four years shows that there's likely to be a different future ahead for using algae - as energy in food for one thing, and much more.

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Bioenergy News Around the World


LED and Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences' project 'LEDing the way to greener plant growth' was honoured at the national Green Gown Awards in Bristol with High Commendation in the Research & Development category.

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About Us

Research in Cambridge is tackling the highly complex issue of bioenergy with a holistic approach. We are bringing together a wide spectrum of experts, including biologists (plant scientists, biochemists and conservation scientists), engineers, chemical engineers and economists. Our aim is to develop forms of bioenergy that are sustainable, ethically and socially responsible and do not compete with food crops.

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