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The Algal Biotechnology Consortium (ABC)

The Algal Biotechnology Consortium (ABC; formerly Algal Bioenergy Consortium) involves a large multidisciplinary group of scientists who aim to use algae (including cyanobacteria) for a number of different applications in the biotechnology and bioenergy industry. This consortium brings together molecular biologists, physiologists, chemists, engineers and chemical engineers to facilitate the development of future biotechnology and bioenergy solutions. We collaborate with industrial partners to test our ideas.

Current work falls into the following main topics:

  1. The development of tools in algal molecular and synthetic biology for accumulation of desired products
  2. The production of algal biomass, including sequestration of CO2 from flue gases, and treatment of wastewater
  3. Use of cyanobacteria for the production of bio-photovoltaic panels
  4. Photosynthetic and biomimetic hydrogen production and CO2 reduction

We are also actively involved in increasing both energy awareness and public understanding of the opportunities and challenges biotechnology and bioenergy provide.

The current academic members of the consortium are listed below:

The numbers in brackets refer to the projects in which these members have a particular interest: